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Swoodcs Gallery

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Swoodcs Gallery

Post by Swoodc2 on Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:32 am

'Hey guys Ima start posting pics here to save thread space unless i need counts =P. Rate or Just come and have a look =P
-----These signatures go by order...
My first and worst siggy =P but i have improved i believe.

First siggy with dummy text which i love. and effect

I liked this one but i hated the circle thingy around his name

Nice shine effect but didnt really like the text

I changed the font on this one too look nicer

I really like this one, i tried experimenting with the pen tool here.

its a simpler fable siggy from the one above

One of the most creative sigs i have, i tried to go for a heaven vs. hell look

my akwardest siggy imo

one of the longest siggs ive made with around 5 brush layer

A nice sig supposed to represent wind for sotw on rs forums.

A nice siggy i made ... looks pretyt dark and scary :p
My best siggy to date. i love the snow background i did by mistake lol

One of my quickest sig and on of the best imo

5 min sig i made for my GF Very Happy

My very first animation. Dont laugh at it its my first one for learning Very Happy. lol

Hey guys I ran out of ideas on this one... i know its bad :c

Took me 10 mins to make my first "swoodc2" logo animated please rate this first =P

My first nice Animated Signature with my favorite super hero... Spiderman =D

I ran out of ideas on this one and went crazy when i do it on my laptop at school.

I love this one. its pretty simple and i hope the animation goes nice.

My idol... the great Charlie Parker ... and yes I am a Saxophonist... rate please this is my entry for 4th sotw here.

I experimented with this siggy alot as in colours and c4ds and brushes and the blending. hope u like?!

This one was a very bad one, pretty bland and i did it quick during my 7th period class before bell rang.

I messed up alot on this one so rate please.

This is one of my friend girl Diana.

I was bored one nite and made i was thinking about the Joker so made this in 5 mins i think.

This is one of my other friend girl Deka, we pretty good friends so I made sig for her. well two

I made this one on April fools day '09. Today was fun and I was in great mood so please rate, I personally love it.

Pretty crappy siggy this was experiment siggy.

I like this one a bit but had no ideas for text :p

Altered for Cody

I like this one. many many duplicated layers on this

Yea these too signatures are hideous. i think i was high lol...

I just went from worse signature ever to the best imo. rate please Very Happy


V3 - text smaller

Juggernaut Very Happy rate please


V3 i like the best

nice siggy i made :d enjoy...

A Famicon which i made that i think will suit rsf hopefully

A midna sig i made from a tutorial by Vo1ture, hope u like. =D

hey guys i think this is somebody from naruto. dont really wawtch it. r/c pl0x

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Re: Swoodcs Gallery

Post by eat me on Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:04 pm

You are a pretty good artist man and they get better as they go down, I would have to say your best are the last few because text fits in nice and the colors do not clash keep posting and I will keep rating, and if you need any help just ask for some.
eat me

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Re: Swoodcs Gallery

Post by pure own3d on Mon May 04, 2009 9:17 pm

eat makes a good point the best ones are at the bottom :Pi like the last one best
pure own3d

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Re: Swoodcs Gallery

Post by Jallani on Wed May 06, 2009 12:55 am

ill hit deka from da back Very Happy but make me one!

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Re: Swoodcs Gallery

Post by robeftw on Fri May 22, 2009 4:04 pm

nice! :] most important thing is that i read everything too xDDDD

keep drawing o.o

i like ur things but graff is allways first for me ^.^


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Re: Swoodcs Gallery

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