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Post by SeeSaw on Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:09 am

1. This forum is not for discussion. Do not use it to communicate about anything other then welcoming people to the server.
EXAMPLE OF MISUSE: Hey , can u sell me some bones on the server?

2. Do not post more then once on a Welcoming thread.
You have already welcomed the person, i don't think you need to do it again.
EXAMPLE OF MISUSE: Welcome to the sever! have fun! i haven't seen you on though REPLY: never i saw u lol

3. Do not post short welcoming messages. That will lead to an infraction of spam. Please give more information, that is not a good introduction.
EXAMPLE OF MISUSE: TITLE: hi im new on the server POST: hi. im new on the server.

4. Do not start more then 1 thread here. It will lead to spam, which will lead to Infractions.
EXAMPLE OF MISUSE: Thread 1: hi im new Thread 2: Hi again lol

5. Don't post the same message another person has posted... Your only going to do it to bring up post count and we don't want spam...
EXAMPLE OF MISUSE: player 1: Welcome to the forums stay active! Player 2: Welcome! stay active!!

More will be added if necessary


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