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Anouthen's Gold Farming

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Anouthen's Gold Farming

Post by Anouthen on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:26 pm

Hey, Well I need some money for my next Runescape membership and I have decided to Try Gold Farming.

1,000,000 RSGP = $1.00

Needs level 30 mining and a Runescape membership. Otherwise It might take awhile to get your Mil.

Botting with supervision.

Also I can powermine for you at.
1-15 = $0.05 per level
16-30 = $0.10 per level
31-45 = $0.25 per level
46-60 = $0.50 per level
61-75 = $0.75 per level
76-99 = $1.00 per level
Also botting with supervision.

For further information please contact me at
OR you can PM me.

Please preferably on the weekends, but I can do less hours on week days.


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