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1. No over SWEARING - if staff are around and hear you swearthey are eligable to jail you for 10 minutes but if you repeat you willbe muted and if u repeat the same thing over and over once you beenjailed and or muted u will be eligable for a temporary or permanent ban. .

2. X-LOGGING - if found guilty of x-logging you will bejailed and required to mine the 250 silver ores in order to be releasedbut in order for us to enforce this rule i strongly recomend when yougo pk-ing you have a screen capture program for example camtasia torecord it as evidence with out it we can't enforce this rule 100% .

3.DUPING (duplicating items) - if found to be dupin i.e any staff get aflag message u are required to give them your pass word so that he/shecan check the account if you have duplicated items he/she can eitherip-ban the acc or empty the acc of all duplicated items or they canchange the password and inform either joey sam or myself and then wewill decide what happens to the account .

4. BOTTING (Macroing)- if found to be botting/macroin to gain a unfair advantage you will bebanned for up to a maximum of 5 days . No "MASS-AUTOING!" (Do not autoduring the night hours, or when you go away from your computer for along time, I and other admin and mods will be wondering around makingsure no one is abusing there rights to use other programs, furtherdescription below)

5. DISRESPECTING STAFF and other members- any disrespect to any of the Pvp Nation staff will be dealt withaccordingly they can either choose there own punishment or report yourname to hierarchy. Example:
*if a moderator is disrespected they canchoose to jail or mute or have a admin to deal with it and if the adminis unsure what to do with the current situation, they will talk to thenext person higher in rank, co-owner, or owner, who ever he can reach.

6.RACISM - racism will not be tolerated at all racism will result in ainstant perm ban in other words make a new acc and learn your lessonsam again we need solitary evidence to enforce this rule hear saystorys will not be accepted .

7. GLITCHING(while fighting) -glitching while pk-ing will result in a 20 min jail sentence as beforewe need either video or screen capture evidence to enforce the rule .

8. No ADVERTISING other servers, or anything unrelated to this server.


10. No DOUBLE POSTING on the forums. (EXCEPTION for this is if you are doing something such as a GUIDE, GFX GALLERY, etc.)

11. No SCAMMING players. (No PASSWORD SCAMMING is included)

12.Do not ask for STAFF POTIONS! (This includes, do not ask for a mod, oradmin or ask for an admin or mod to put in a good word for you)

13. ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING or in any case at all, no SPAMMING unless it is towards Felix. (That is a JOKE)


15.No IMPERSONATING - any form of Pvp Nation Staff, it will not betolerated. If you have a tendency to fall for this "obvious scam," I amsorry but you are a "noob." All Pvp Nation Staff will/ shall have atype of crown in front of there in-game name, and on the forums. If youare confused in anyway about who is Pvp Nation Staff please refer tothe link near the bottom of this page.

16.This applies toeveryone, if you see an admin, or mod doing this take a "Prt Scrn" andpost it on the forums, MONSTER luring/abuse. Also applies if a higherranking Administrator starts to "summon" monsters using commands.


18.Gravedigging - Do not post on any topic in the forums that is over fourweeks old. Unless you have some good information concerning the topic.

19. No Spamming - Spamming the forums will not be tolerated.

If someone asks you for an account check make sure that they have a gold crown NOT SILVER!